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What Should You Do If You’re Charged with Domestic Assault?

A domestic assault charge can be laid for many reasons, and it is one of the most sensitive and challenging issues in Canada’s legal system. Anyone who has been involved in domestic assault will know how stressful and painful the situation can be to deal with.

It is a serious allegation, but not everyone knows how the charges work, and you can feel overwhelmed by the process. Keep in mind that not every charge leads to a conviction, and there are steps the accused can take to protect themselves.

Our experienced criminal lawyers in Brampton want people to make the best choices to ensure a positive outcome. Here are some strategies when you are charged with domestic assault.

The Best Way to Get Through a Domestic Assault Charge

If you are facing domestic assault charges in Ontario, these tips will help you and your criminal lawyer in Brampton prepare a strong defence. Remember, making mistakes will only add to your legal troubles.

  • Hire a Criminal Lawyer

The term ‘domestic assault’ applies to a wide range of offences that take place in a domestic context. For instance, it includes acts committed against a relative, partner or child. In Ontario, domestic assault charges are taken very seriously and Crown Attorneys are governed by the Crown Policy Manual. It outlines the limited circumstances in which charges may be withdrawn.

That said, there is a zero-tolerance policy for such offences in Canada, making it important to hire a qualified criminal lawyer in Brampton who specializes in domestic assault cases. They will argue on your behalf and work to achieve the best possible outcome. A domestic assault lawyer will prove invaluable to your case and will make sure you don’t spend time unnecessarily behind bars while waiting for a trial date.

Moreover, a seasoned criminal defence lawyer in Brampton will know the court process and what to expect. They have the experience to negotiate with the defence to come to a favourable resolution.

  • Secure Evidence

As with any criminal case, domestic assault cases come down to the evidence that both parties present. Since the accuser will be presenting evidence to support their claims, you should do the same to prove your innocence.

For this, you may identify eyewitnesses and ask them to provide statements at court when they are called to the stand. Try to secure pictures and videos that back up your claims. You may also present any text messages or voicemails that prove your innocence.

  • Don’t Contact Your Accuser

For anyone facing domestic assault charges, it’s never a good idea to contact your accuser, not even to apologize. This is even more important when the victim has been granted a protective or no-contact order. Violating such orders will cause you to face additional charges. Even trying to contact the accuser through a third party is considered a violation of the order, and you will most likely face strict penalties, including possible jail time.

A domestic assault charge is serious, making it important to hire an experienced criminal lawyer in Brampton. They will help you understand how the criminal law operates in this area and the allegations against you while defending your case to avoid a criminal record.

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