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Best Bathroom Shower Doors in Canada

Best Bathroom Shower Doors in Canada: Boost Your Holiday Decor

Are you looking to boost your holiday home decor? How about replacing your old bathroom door with stylish and a trendy bathroom shower door?

Installing a new bathroom shower door will make your shower space more beautiful and unique. They are also heavy-duty and sturdy. And since most glass shower doors come with a special coating that prevents the buildup of hard water and soap, they can be used for a long time.

In this post, we discuss three of the best shower doors to help you decide.

Top 3 Bathroom Shower Doors to Glam Up Your Bathroom

Let’s look at three of the most functional and beautiful shower door designs to glamorize your bathroom.

  1. Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors are among the most popular and elegant shower doors, preferred not only by homeowners but home builders too. Their modern style can fit any shower space. As they are almost entirely glass, with no metal frame around the perimeter, they give a clean, attractive, and unobstructed view. They are made using thick glass which adds strength and stability.

A frameless shower enclosure solves poor lighting, as the available light flows through the glass doors with minimal obstructions. This gives your bathroom a brighter, cheerier, more open feel. It is easy to maintain, and you can always count on frameless showers to hold up well.

The best part about frameless glass doors is that they are flexible enough to be customized to meet your needs. However, since they are difficult to install, you will need to hire a professional.

  1. Sliding Glass Shower Door

If you have a smaller bathroom that does not comfortably accommodate a swinging door, a sliding glass door is your next best option. It combines the elegance and beauty of glass doors with the practicality of saving space. A frameless sliding glass shower door creates a modern, seamless experience that elevates the value of your space.

They have many benefits, with safety being the primary one. As the door panels are made from tempered safety glass, they are far more durable than normal ones. A sound barrier is effectively created by the lamination on the glass. You can also enhance security by adding a lock and add towel racks on the sliding glass door to maximize the space.

  1. Hinged Door

A hinged door is another great option that is most common on standalone shower stalls. It has two to three hinges on the vertical long edge of the door and is either left or right-handed. It can also be fitted to swing either inward or outward. Compared to sliding glass doors, it requires more space to swing outward.

As winter is approaching, you should consider hinged doors if you are looking for a glass shower door that is energy-efficient. They have insulated and airtight elements, which play a critical role in maintaining consistent temperatures in your bathroom.

Hinged shower doors can be used on large shower openings with a panel, or they can be used in very small openings without one. The hinges can be mounted directly to the shower wall or to a stationary panel of glass.

The whole idea of installing a new glass shower door is to make your shower space look beautiful and increase your home’s market value. Now that you know the best shower door options, consider these factors to choose the best glass door for your home.

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