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Is Vinyl Plank Flooring Good for Bathrooms?

What to Expect When Installing Vinyl Bathroom Flooring

Redesigning your bathroom floor on a tight budget? Vinyl flooring is your best solution.

Stunning, versatile and highly-water resistant vinyl flooring offers a lot for its low cost. But when installing new flooring, it’s always a good idea to understand the material. That way, you can make the most informed choice.

Remember, both your lifestyle and budget play essential roles when selecting the most appropriate flooring material for your bathroom. In this case, vinyl flooring may be your best choice budget-wise.

But does it suit your lifestyle? Let’s find out.

Pros & Cons of Installing Vinyl Flooring in Your Bathroom

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the many vinyl flooring options available. But the bottom line is always: does this product suit your needs? Understanding that is most important.

Here’s what to expect when installing vinyl flooring.

The Pros

  • It Is a Budget-Friendly Option

We cannot stress enough how important it is to set a realistic budget for your project. Yes, porcelain tiles are the go-to solution for bathroom flooring, but they are not cheap.

Vinyl flooring is the perfect budget-friendly solution for your bathroom. It is waterproof, extremely durable, and much cheaper than porcelain. And just because vinyl is affordable does not mean it does not look as good. It can mimic real hardwood, stone, or porcelain tiles so faithfully that it is hard to tell them apart. This makes vinyl flooring ideal for high-moisture environments like your bathroom.

  • It Is Low Maintenance

Your bathroom is one of the busiest areas of your home. That’s why keeping your floors clean and hygienic is so important.

Fortunately, vinyl flooring is a low-maintenance surface that is easy to clean. It is water- and stain-resistant and does not require any kind of special treatment. These qualities make it perfect for bathrooms.

  • It Looks Great

Just because vinyl flooring is affordable does not mean that it is ugly. It is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which has a printed or embossed layer with photorealistic images. This allows it to create a realistic impression of popular flooring materials like wood or stone.

  • It Is Resilient and Durable

Bathrooms need durable and resilient flooring that can stand up to heavy foot traffic and won’t suffer when exposed to moisture for a long time. Vinyl flooring is a great solution. This is because it is stable, meaning that, unlike hardwood, it does not expand or contract when levels of humidity change.

Easy to install and care for, these floors are remarkably resilient and durable. Just remember: when looking to buy vinyl flooring, check out this vinyl buying guide to make a more informed purchase.

  • It is a Child and Pet-Friendly Solution

Standing up to a busy household with pets and children is a full-time job for your floors. That makes vinyl flooring perfect for families. In addition to offering stable, strong flooring, it is also safe for indoor installation; comfortable underfoot, and resistant to scratches and stains from spills and accidents.

  • It Can Be Installed Quickly

Do you want a quick way to transform your bathroom flooring? Vinyl is a great option. While hardwood and stone take time to lay down, vinyl flooring allows for a relatively quick installation. Just be sure to get your flooring installation done by a professional for the best results and to avoid future issues.

The Cons

Like any other flooring solution, vinyl too has its limitations.

  • It Cannot Be Repaired

Unlike hardwood which can be sanded down and refinished or porcelain tiles which can be replaced, vinyl flooring needs to be replaced completely once damaged. Even though it may take years before any major damage occurs, these floors cannot be repaired.

  • It Adds No Resale Value

Are you planning to sell your house? If you want renovations that add to the value of your home, vinyl is not the best flooring solution as it will add to its return on investment.

However, if you are just planning to fix up your space quickly or not planning to sell your home soon, then vinyl is something that you should consider.

  • It Is Difficult To Remove

Vinyl flooring is very difficult to remove so is no temporary choice.

Vinyl flooring is an excellent bathroom flooring option with many benefits. It is affordable, durable, and thrives in moisture-prone areas of your home. There are also downsides, so it is important to consider this choice carefully before you install it. Always consider your needs, budget and lifestyle when picking out flooring. Contact your nearest flooring store to get started.

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