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Custom Glass Shower Enclosures

Custom Glass Shower Enclosures: Learn How They Revitalize Your Bathroom

Are you thinking about adding a custom shower enclosure to your next bathroom renovation? A shower enclosure separates the wet from the dry areas in your bathroom. It surrounds the shower area and is installed with curtain rods or railings fixed to the ceilings or walls.

Its main purpose is to not only prevent water from flooding outside the bath area but to provide privacy and organize the space. It also helps contain steam and creates a warm climate during your shower.

There are various types of shower enclosures. Some are designed to fit into small spaces, while others are larger and more elegant. Before deciding which to install, it is best to look at each type’s distinct features to identify which is best for your home.

Which Type of Shower Enclosure Should You Choose?

Shower enclosures come in different sizes and shapes and are extremely affordable. Whether you are building a new home or remodelling your current bathroom, it is important to know about the different types of shower enclosures available. Here, we discuss three types of glass shower enclosures so you can decide which option is best for your bathroom.

  1. Square Shower Enclosure

As the name suggests, a square shower enclosure has equal lengths on all sides. It can give your bathroom a modern and stylish look without taking up much space. So, even if it is small, you can easily install the enclosure on a wall or in a corner to create a cozy shower experience. That’s why these enclosures are so popular.

You can customize your shower enclosure by adding framed or frameless glass door panels. To preserve privacy in your shower space, opt for textured glass. It allows for a sheer effect, which creates the illusion of more space and makes your bathroom appear larger.

For a longer space, opt for a rectangular shower enclosure. Choose one that will blend well with the interior of your bathroom.

  1. Quadrant Shower Enclosure

These semi-oval shower enclosures have two ends, like square shower enclosures, along with a curved front, which allows for more movement inside.

The curved shape allows for unique bathroom layouts and fits easily into any setting. So, if you are building a new home or remodelling your current bathroom, you can install a quadrant shower enclosure. It can fit into any corner, saving a lot of space in the bathroom. This not only gives your bathroom a smooth and sleek appearance but gracefully upgrades the space.

A quadrant shower enclosure can accommodate both sliding and hinged doors. You can choose between a standard curve that has equal lengths on both sides and an offset curved enclosure that has one side longer than the other. This style is ideal for any bathroom and is available in a variety of colours and sizes.

  1. Glass Tub Shower Enclosure

A glass tub shower enclosure includes a bathtub, shower fixture and glass shower door. Installing a glass tub enclosure will make your bathroom feel larger and give it a more sophisticated look.

You can select a sliding glass shower door to make it easy to open or close. Sliding doors are efficient insulators, ensuring that your bathroom stays warm while you bathe.


If you are getting a new custom shower enclosure, explore the different available door styles outlined here. First measure the space where you are going to install the shower enclosure, then decide on your requirements and budget. Then talk to a glass shower door expert near you to plan your dream custom shower enclosure.

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