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Colour Options for Granite Bar Countertops

8 Best Colour Options for Granite Bar Countertops in Toronto

Granite is a popular countertop material option in bathrooms and kitchens. However, its beauty and durability also make it a great choice for bar countertops.

Indeed, granite suits all kinds of bar styles, including traditional and contemporary ones, and enhances your property’s overall value.

But you must choose the colour of this stone correctly. Here are the top colours for granite bar countertops in Toronto.

Top Colour Options for Granite Bar Countertops in Toronto

Are you planning to put a granite bar countertop in your Toronto home? Here are the best colour choices.

Bianco Antico

This grey and white granite contain hints of brown, light grey, and white. Quarried in Brazil, its quartz crystals make your countertop look luxurious. Plus, it suits all kinds of home decor, including rustic, modern and traditional styles.

This stone’s stunning look helps give your bar’s granite countertop a unique appearance. Pair it with wood furniture and accents to create a more gorgeous bar space.

Grey Nuevo

Grey Nuevo granite’s unique patterns and tones combine with slight sparkles to give your bar countertop a chic look. Its elegant beige and grey tones enhance the style quotient of your countertop without overshadowing the rest of your decor.

Sapphire Blue

This deep blue granite is a pleasant addition to your bar, especially if it has white accents. This durable stone has tiny dots in an intricate pattern that attracts attention and makes your bar countertop eye-catching.

Desert Brown

Quarried from India, this is a great choice for a bar countertop. This is because it usually matches well with the glass accents and diffused lighting arrangements of a bar. This granite has black and yellow-brown speckles dispersed uniformly over its surface. Plus, the specks of burgundy add a touch of elegance to the stone.

Alps White

This granite has a white background that is contrasted with hints of black and white crystals. Alps White granite undoubtedly is an excellent option if you wish to give a tasteful look to your bar countertop. It also adds depth to your bar area with its deep-coloured hues. To make a style statement, pair it with metal and wood accents.

Silver Paradiso

Silver Paradiso granite has stylish white veins with a grey background. This helps to conceal stains and is a great option for bar countertops. Moreover, its white and grey swirling veins help to improve the appearance of your bar’s granite countertop. Choose this option to match your white bar decor.

Black Pearl

Its unconventional appearance is due to its metallic silver deposits. Moreover, its combination of silver, green, grey, gold and brown hues gives this granite stone an unmatched look. It is an ideal option for a bar with a traditional or Victorian-style design.


This exotic variety of granite has a black base and unique snake-like veins of gold, red, and orange that spread throughout the slab. Its glossy sheen and eye-catching look make it a perfect option for a luxurious bar countertop.

Granite’s wide range of colours makes it an ideal addition to a bar. Install a colourful and gorgeous granite bar countertop and transform an ordinary bar space into an amazing one. For more information on kitchen, bathroom and bar countertops, contact our leading stone company today.

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