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Universal Laptop Power Adapter

Universal Laptop Power Adapter

Today we present our universal power adapter for laptops of the IcyPower brand. This universal power adapter is useful for laptops and we can use it both at home and in the car.
Laptop computers usually have 18V, 19V and 20V power adapters with maximum amps of 5A. With the IcyPower universal power adapter, we can charge and use any laptop thanks to its 9 different types of tips.

Technical Specifications of Universal Laptop Power Adapter:

Input voltage: AC 110v-240v / 11v-14v
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Input Current: 1.3A Max
Output voltage: DC12V-24V
Specific output voltages: 12V/15V/16V/18V/19V/20V at a maximum of 5A – 22v/24v at a maximum of 4A
Output voltages compatible with; 18V (18.5V) 19V (19.5V) 20V (21V)
Overload protection: YES
Short-circuit protection: YES
Output Power: 100W Max
Main features of the Universal Power Adapter:

9 different tips for your complete compatibility
Compatible with laptops and LCD monitors
Power plug for wall and car
5V USB charging connection for mobiles and tablets
Metal casing for better heat dissipation
2 years warranty
Physical description of the laptop charger:
Made entirely of metal and assembled with high-quality screws, the IcyPower is an economical laptop power adapter with ideal power for any device that works within its range of voltages and amperages.

On one of the sides, we can see the AC current output, the voltage selector that goes from 15v to 24V and its 5V USB output to charge mobile laptops or tablets with a USB charging cable.

On the other side, we can find the 12v power input to connect it to our car, and the 110V to 240V AC input that will make it compatible with all countries and plug types, both for home, office or even if you go to trip, you can use it anywhere.

It has a power cable for the 12v connection of our car, which will give us the possibility of using our laptop during trips or charging it before taking it out. This product is perfect for people who work outside the office and can use the time they are in their car to charge their SmartPhone, Tablet or Laptop and have it ready for the next visit.


Un adaptador de corriente para portátiles totalmente universal y que dispone de todas las salidas y entradas necesarias para asegurar la compatibilidad con la mayoría de dispositivos del mercado. Éste adaptador de corriente universal para ordenadores portátiles está disponible en nuestra tienda a un precio muy económico.

Si no sabéis exactamente como elegir un cargador para vuestro ordenador portátil, os ponemos a vuestra disposición un pequeño artículo:


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