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How to make a social media strategy to sell more

Are your social media strategies not achieving the results you need to increase internet sales?

Many companies that are doing digital marketing are struggling to achieve results through social networks and very few achieve it with effort.

In this article I will talk about some effective social media strategies that will help you increase sales, and answer some questions such as :

  • What are the right social networks for your company?
  • In which social networks to find your audience ,
  • how to create valuable content for your audience
  • And much more.

It is essential to know that to achieve an effective strategy in social networks , you must be clear about some steps before investing a penny in your digital strategy. Follow me!

Define your goals

It is important to start by defining what we want to achieve, sell more? perfect! ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much is the sales goal?
  • How much have we sold through social networks in the past?
  • What percentage of sales will come through social media?

In this way, you already have a starting point with which to define your strategies in social networks.

Define your ideal client

As a first step, a buyer person should be created , that is, a semi-fictitious representation of your ideal client . In this way you will know who is the audience that you are going to attract and convert , you will also be taking the correct content to the correct consumers . 

To create a buyer person you must collect data such as: demographic data and psychological data and extract it from sources such as: analysis of purchase data , talking to your customers or consulting with some areas of the company   (sales, customer service, etc. ) 

Produce content that your audience likes

It is very important that when publishing content you do it with the tone and voice that your company has defined, so you will be able to differentiate yourself from others. In this way, your audience will recognize you anywhere and you will be able to attract their attention.

Lean on visual content

Apart from having good writing in your content and attractive messages, you should know that it is important to accompany it with visual content , this will make it much more pleasant and easy to understand ; you can use formats like: 

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Etc.

Choose an attractive and persuasive message that invites your audience to read and like it, as well as an image that seduces and makes people want to share your content with other people.

Use social listening

Listening to everything your audience says on social media is vital to optimizing your strategy.

To benefit from active listening, ask questions and ask for opinions; this will allow you to get good ideas to create useful and relevant content for your audience.

Another good practice is to encourage your followers to actively participate;  Create a feeling of inclusion in your audience to motivate them . 

Use interactive content

To get your audience to make contact with your company , create content so that they can interact with you , use hashtags that motivate and generate a sense of participation, create contests and sweepstakes , this is a good way to generate engagement and increase followers.

Feed relevant information to your followers

Offer valuable and interesting content that provides useful and relevant information to your followers, they will thank you! Use social networks to share content such as Ebooks, templates, tools, webinars, etc.

Define which social networks your company should be on

You should know that not all social networks are designed for your company , therefore, choosing which ones are appropriate for you is essential, ask yourself first, what social networks are my customers on? You’re not going to want to be in a place where you don’t have customers, right?

Knowing some specific information about your clients will help you choose the right social network for your company ; in this way, your social media strategy will be successful. 

It is essential that your objectives are clear so that the content is effective and reaches the right audience.

Here you will find the social networks most used by companies, they will allow you to identify where your customers are :

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

On the other hand, today, there has been a lot of reception and interaction in the Tik Tok social network , which is based on sharing music videos; This social network managed to surpass Instagram, Facebook and YouTube in 2020, interesting, right?

Tik Tok is based on creating, editing and uploading 1-minute music selfie videos, placing music videos and backgrounds. How about you take a look and see how much it can help your company?

Define your digital advertising budget

To achieve a good social media strategy, it is important to define the budget that will be allocated to digital advertising . In this way, you will increase the reach of your content and publications on social networks. To make a good budget for digital advertising on social networks, you must take into account:

  • Create a format or template with the budget: it should be structured in such a way that it is easy to include or delete items.
  • The budget breakdown must be seen perfectly (what am I spending more on), generic budgets are not recommended.
  • Set advertising goals : for example increase online sales.
  • Define which channels to use to advertise
  • Determine effectiveness: start with a small budget, then identify how effective it was and increase it as you see fit.

Use the chats to have contact with your audience

Using chats in your social networks will help you increase sales opportunities in your company, generating conversations and guaranteeing a good experience in all areas. Connecting with your audience is the key to success in a social media strategy.

direct chat

When customers are looking for information about your product or service, or need help in the purchase process, direct chat can be the right tool to provide the immediate assistance that the customer needs.

Using a friendly and natural tone is very important, as well as personalizing the user experience , that is, if the user uses a certain tone or language, the agent must align with it. This makes the conversation easier .

chat bot

It is software with artificial intelligence designed to perform some tasks on its own, without the need for human intervention; Chatbots are capable of generating conversations with people . These are used by companies in different ways, some of them are:

  • Customer Service: Respond to requests and questions quickly.
  • Sending information and news: send customers and potential buyers information about the company in an automated way.
  • It makes online purchase and payment management more effective : it provides information and resolves questions from users in their purchase process.
  • 24/7 assistance: any day and at any time they are available for your clients , answer questions and give information.

Build a contact base

Building a database with potential customers can be one of the best sales strategies for a company, since it has people who actually want to know about you, and with whom you strengthen ties and create a relationship of trust and professionalism.

Below you will see where you can extract information to develop your database, use social networks as a source of information to start developing it:

  • Analyze the profile of your clients, study the impact of each publication.
  • Carry out surveys and questionnaires on your social networks.
  • Offer quality content in exchange for their data such as: ebooks, guides, tutorials, and in return ask them for their name, email, position, etc.
  • Carry out contests through the networks, with prizes such as discounts, bonuses, etc.; As a requirement to participate, request specific data.

social selling

Social selling is a strategy that will undoubtedly help you sell more . It is about using social networks as a means to create emotional relationships with target customers and generate credibility.

It is not an online sales system, it is about reaching potential customers indirectly , applying customer attraction strategies , managing to build trust and authority with your audience; content marketing is a strategy that you cannot rule out in your strategic social media plan. 

To apply social selling you must take into account the following points:

  • Join Linkedin groups and participate
  • Contact your potential clients on Linkedin
  • Interact with user comments
  • Share relevant content
  • Follow the right accounts on social media

Create an editorial calendar

Planning what content and when to publish it is essential to achieve content strategies on social networks, which is why creating an editorial calendar is essential, since it will give order and effectiveness to your publications . You will not go blank when publishing!

This calendar will become the roadmap that you must follow when making publications, it will help you to:

  • Know what type of content to publish
  • In which social networks is it going to be published?
  • When and what time to do it
  • Be clear about the copys and hashtag to use
  • Don’t miss important dates
  • Save time, calendars promote efficiency


Each of the steps that I have shown you in this article are strategies that will help you achieve the goal of increasing sales through social networks. Remember that for your strategies to be effective, you must first define your objectives and identify who is the ideal client for your company.

In this way, all the valuable content will be decisive to attract the right people, and thus begin to build a community around your brand who will see you as a benchmark and an authority in your industry. Remember that business is based on trust. 

Finally, identify the social networks where you must have a presence to communicate with your audience. Use these channels to create a very close link and in this way ensure that social selling and other strategies have a positive effect on your results.

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