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How to increase your website traffic with content marketing

Content marketing is one of the strategies that has been gaining strength since Google began to better rank websites that provide a good user experience for visitors. And how to provide a good experience? through useful, relevant and valuable content for people.  

We have 3 very specific questions for you, the first:

  • 1. Do you have a content marketing strategy in place?
  • 2. How effective is your content strategy?
  • 3. Would you like to increase your website traffic with content marketing?

Content marketing is one of the best strategies in the online world, otherwise there would not be 69% of marketers documenting their content strategy now. What should be reviewed is how you are structuring it and what channels you are using to drive your strategy.

But for now, we’ll make sure you understand why content marketing will help you increase your website traffic.

Why does content marketing help you increase traffic?

There are two fundamental axes that merge in the form of a gear to give meaning to a content strategy:

  1. Your audience’s search queries on the internet
  2. Optimized content for search engines

When you finally understand how to mesh these two elements, you will position your website in Google and in the minds of your audience, and therefore, something almost natural happens: you drive traffic to your website.

So, the question is answered tacitly: content marketing helps increase traffic to your website, because the more quality content produced, the greater the search engine exposure when your audience searches the internet.

Here are 3 ways to achieve such an effect:

Increase traffic with your blog

The basis of a content marketing strategy is the blog, mainly because it is the medium to which Google has the most tracking access. And secondly, because it is one of the first consultation channels for a user.

So what is the best way to increase traffic with your blog? Simple! Building content of real value for your Buyer Persona.

Consider that Google has been making changes to its algorithms in order to improve the browsing experience of its users, so you have to think of a way to generate that content in such a way that the two aforementioned axes consider it relevant.

Creating a Topic Cluster structure for your blog is the most convenient way for two reasons:

  1. Your content is created to generate positive signals to Google through a framework that Google understands in terms of technical SEO.
  2. You treat a topic with breadth and depth, so you generate quality material for your audience. 

Increase traffic from your social networks

There is still some uncertainty about whether or not social signals have weight in SEO. But what is not in doubt is that social networks are created to direct a message to the masses.

If those masses took a look at your website, you would be generating traffic and therefore signals to Google.

Perhaps your intention is not to use them to send signals to search engines, but to generate content for your audience.

In any case, keep in mind that each social network responds to a different personality, you cannot create the same message for all of them, even if the information is the same.

Before jumping into the water, make sure that you have understood very well the personality and style of each one, only then can you guarantee that they will serve to increase traffic.

Consider that according to the latest Hubspot statistics report , 86% of consumers prefer brands to have an authentic and transparent personality on social networks.

Increase traffic with email marketing

Despite being one of the first channels of digital marketing, it has been giving changes everywhere, email is still one of the most profitable channels, and your content strategy is relevant here.

So much so, that according to Campaign Monitor , an email is 6 times more likely to receive a click from this medium than from Twitter.

The key to getting those numbers is working on the quality of leads, so to work on your contact list you have to take a step back and check if your blog content is good enough to convert entires. strangers in leads with names and surnames.


Remember that to increase the traffic of your website you have to execute your content strategy from 3 fundamental axes:

  1. Blog: to draw the attention of search engines and position better.
  2. Social networks: to carry a personalized message that connects in a real way with the audience.
  3. Email marketing: to naturally nurture leads interested in your company and what you stand for.

They all have to work together to get a powerful result and with good numbers in favor to achieve the results you need.

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