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Essential tools for content marketing

Designing and putting together a Content Marketing strategy is essential in an era where people are increasingly critical and demanding when buying.

The consumer of the digital age wants to investigate, and validate for himself his decision to buy something or not. And this is where content marketing becomes relevant, since with this strategy you can attract, hook and delight your customers’ buying process.

Many times planning the content strategy is not what is complicated, but the execution and consistency is one of the great challenges. Therefore, it is strictly necessary to handle some tools to do content marketing professionally.

Those that help us achieve our main objectives: give visibility to the business and positively impact sales with our actions, through the execution of a plan aimed at exponential growth.

All ok so far, but what are those essential tools to do Content Marketing like a rockstar?

Here we release a list of tools so that your content strategy causes the results that you proposed.

blogging tools

In a Content Marketing strategy, the blog plays a leading role due to multiple factors, mainly because it contains a whole rich field of keywords, terms that are used by your niche in their daily lives to consume content.

That rich field of keywords tells Google what the website is about, and Google as it crawls the website will determine whether or not you deserve to position yourself in a good place in the Ranking.

In short, feeding the blog is essential to position the website and be able to reach the audience you are targeting. We present you the best known and used CMS by the community


WordPress is an open source platform, a feature that allows multiple contributors to add elements of value and therefore updates to improve the experience.

It also has a lot of plugins that allow you to manage the content in an optimized way; from extensions to analyze the quality of the text, to know technical details about SEO:

  • website performance
  • Text optimization
  • Images, broken links,
  • Etc.

And that can be used for free, except for some plugins in PRO versions.


It is an ideal Content Marketing tool for those who are just starting out and the budget is limited because it is free software, so you can use it without having to pay a license.

As it has a WYSIWYG editor, the creation of the text is done without code complications, therefore, you do not need extensive programming knowledge. 


It is designed for those with not so advanced programming knowledge, it is written in PHP in combination with MySQL, so that the configurations are saved in the database and it can handle multiple requests per second. Best of all, because it’s open source, it’s free.

The Hubspot CMS 

Hubspot launched its content manager and its motto says it all: “Invest your time in what matters most: marketing”. Its interface is designed with marketers in mind and not just programmers or developers.

In addition to the simplicity of the interface design, it presents flexible themes, recommendations to improve the SEO and positioning of the blog, creation and testing of new content in different languages, among other things.

SEO Tools

There are hundreds of paid and free tools to help you climb the search engine rankings. For now, here are some of the ones that we consider the most important when it comes to making sense of your Content Marketing strategy.

Google Search Console

There are two extremely important factors to position in search engines: SEO on page and off page. Well, Google Search Console takes care of absolutely everything that has to do with the technical aspects of SEO on page. Just to mention a few:

  1. Crawling and indexing issues.
  2. Issues related to backlinks.
  3. Website performance.
  4. 404 pages.
  5. Search traffic data (breakdown on the highest and lowest ranking terms)
  6. AMP and usability.

As it is a Google service, it is completely free.


To care for and monitor all aspects related to SEO off page, the best ally is SEMrush. Initially, marketers used it as a tool for content marketing, because its keyword research is the best.

But the truth is that SEMrush has a lot of functions that help to generate a complete overview of an SEO strategy, especially off page. Your report on the status of the competition is great.

From its free version you can’t get much, just a couple of daily searches to find out the competitiveness of a term. But its paid version offers you a range of options to create an SEO strategy as solid as a rock.

Answer The Public

It is a content marketing tool that you should consider because it shows you the keywords most used by users when answering questions or concerns. So you have inexhaustible sources to create content.

Hubspot’s SEO tool

Over time, Hubspot has been interpreting changes in audience behavior very well and has served as a tool for digital marketing with a holistic vision.

Hubspot as an SEO tool can help you in many ways, but for now we can mention its famous Topic Cluster, which aims to cover a topic from different angles through the context of the content, so it sends positive signals to Google and fits the way how a user searches for content.

Hubspot is ideal when you want to create a holistic content marketing strategy, but it’s not free.

Social media tools

Social networks are part of that holistic vision in a Content Marketing strategy, we are more sociable than ever and we need this human interaction to survive in the ecosystem.

But we don’t always get what we want from them, either because of a poorly planned strategy or because of the tools for Content Marketing. In any case, here is our selection of tools to better manage social profiles:


It is not by chance that it is used by 15 million users, perhaps it is because it was one of the first to become popular just after the RRSS phenomenon. The truth is that it still maintains its popularity.

Its platform has an incomparable feature: it is an all-in-one that allows you to measure everything from the ROI of publications to running ads on social platforms. 

Hootsuite has two versions: the free one, which works well, and the paid one, which of course has other Pro features. 

Now Press

It is probably one of the best Social Media Content Marketing tools when it comes to analytics. You can get full reports on:

  1. Content with greater impact; virality, reach, etc.
  2. Best time to publish according to the type of target audience and the reactions of your community.
  3. Analysis of the competition.


Its free version is limited, but it can be useful if you are just starting out and need to understand how the social environment works. From its paid version you can obtain multiple advantages, such as knowing the best time to publish, knowing the impact of each publication, etc.

Facebook Creator Studio

In general, the greatest weight of a strategy in Social Networks is carried by Instagram and Facebook, for this the Creator Studio of Facebook, is one of those content marketing tools that you should consider yes or yes.

It is a tool designed to monetize publications on Social Networks, making it the perfect ally to create effective ads. Because it is a tool made for monetization, it is not free, but it is extremely effective.

Hubspot Social Media Manager

It shares features with the rest of the content marketing tools in Social Networks, but it has something that the rest might not offer, and that is that it associates the real interactions of the contacts that you have in your database within the CRM.

So your efforts are much more personalized and therefore, you get better results.

Email marketing tools

Another important axis for the execution of a Content Marketing strategy is Email Marketing. We mention some of the ones that we consider can help you:


Get Response is a really complete tool because it helps you from creating a landing page to creating content considering the stages of a sales funnel, with its autoresponder program. Although it is not free, its cheapest plan allows you to manage a list of up to 1,000 contacts.

Active Campaign

One of the features that we must highlight of Active Campaign is that it is able to know if the subscriber has opened the email, which link they clicked and which page of the website they visited, therefore a perfect profile is created to know each subscriber and generate customized solutions.

Hubspot Automation

The biggest benefit of Hubspot in this important axis of content marketing is that it is designed to feed content subscribers considering the phases of the Buyer Journey, so that its workflows help you mature your lead database and convert them into opportunities. of natural form.

Like the rest of Hubspot’s CRM, its email editor is very intuitive, so template building comes naturally with very attractive designs.

RD Station

One of the attractions of the RD Station Email Marketing tool is its real-time monitoring of both the team and the contacts. For an Email Marketing strategy it is fantastic because it would let you know when a contact is reading the email and thus address it naturally.

The email chains, the sending of the newsletter and the nurturing of leads is a task that is carried out in a very intuitive way through its Workflow.


It is well known that Content Marketing is essential in these times in which the consumer has the baton in the purchase process, so companies are forced to structure effective strategies that allow them to grow.

But there is no use executing a strategy, if there is no way to measure it and you do not get a clear result. That is why it is important to know how to choose Content Marketing tools, because the sustainable and profitable growth of the company depends on them. 

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