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15 strategies to improve and increase online sales

Sales managers are responsible for leading and managing the sales process. This is something that requires you to keep up to date with the latest sales strategies and tactics in the industry, but, at the same time, the complexity and competitiveness of the environment exposes you to multiple challenges.

In this article we will mention 15 strategies that you cannot ignore to improve and increase your sales . Let’s get started!

1. Show customer testimonials and provide signs of trust

In today’s digital environment, customer feedback has never been more important. Fortunately, this means that your happy customers can provide you with one of the most valuable weapons in your arsenal: testimonials.

Testimonials from satisfied customers are considerably more influential than even the best sales offer, so be sure to include testimonials and reviews on your digital channels that get potential customers excited about the benefits your brand offers.

2. Generate a sense of urgency

Many consumers respond positively to incentives that create a sense of urgency, from urgent special offers to limited-edition products.

Although the ways you can achieve this are as diverse as the products you can offer online, some strategies may be more effective than others.

For example, you can offer a limited-edition product to entice potential customers, or offer customers who commit to buy right away a financial incentive, such as free shipping or a discount.

3. Offer a money-back guarantee

Often one of the most powerful factors in a consumer’s decision is the fear of taking the risk of loss when buying.

Even small purchases can carry the risk of “buyer’s remorse,” so you can overcome this objection early on by offering a money-back guarantee.

4. Offer fewer options

If you have a wide range of products, consider structuring your website or product pages in a way that offers visitors as few options as possible, segmented according to their particular needs.

This reduces the chance that the visitor will be overwhelmed by dozens of different products that have nothing to do with their interests.

5. Segment your target audience on social networks

One of the best ways to increase online sales is to use the data you have about your existing customers to find people with similar characteristics.

The Inbound Marketing methodology allows you to develop the ideal profiles of your potential customers or Buyer Personas , and then on networks like Facebook, create content that allows you to connect with similar audiences.

6. Reduce the limitations in the payment process

Reducing hassles in the checkout process can have an incredible impact on your conversion rate. Just as you should make it easy for visitors to use and navigate your site, you should make the steps of the checkout process even easier.

It eliminates any unnecessary steps, and provides total security to prevent shopping cart abandonment.

7. Provide as many payment options as possible

Consumers have more choice than ever in terms of how they pay for goods and services. By offering more payment options, you’re making it easier for prospects or leads to convert into customers faster, particularly if your site has heavy mobile traffic.

8. Invest in quality product images

Given the importance of appearance and image in relation to the way we perceive things, it is logical that investing in the photography of your products has a positive effect on the perception of visitors to your site.

Also make sure to include a wide range of images. It may seem excessive, but including shots from every conceivable angle adds more detail and confidence.

9. Develop advertising campaigns at key moments

Facebook and Instagram campaigns are an excellent example of a situation in which potential customers can directly access your products and services, being one step away from buying.

You are making it easier for your target audience to relate to your business directly, completely eliminating several stages of the purchase process.

10. Try Gmail ads

If you’re already reaching customers when they search and browse social media, why not go the extra mile and promote your brand while they’re in their inbox?

One of the most effective ways to use Gmail ads is to target competitor keywords. By targeting those very terms, your promotion can appear in their inboxes and, with a powerful and effective message, make users opt for your brand.

11. Answer every question and address every objection 

One of the most dangerous traps you can fall into when trying to sell online is making assumptions about users’ knowledge of your product.

Many companies mistakenly believe that their customers know more about what they are selling than they really do, resulting in unanswered questions or objections that are not addressed, ultimately hurting sales.

12. Give away as much as you can for free

People love free stuff, and the more you give away, the more users are likely to notice you, which can lead to more online sales.

To execute this action, look at your current offers. Can you give something away for free? Giving away free stuff is not only a great way to improve people’s perception of your business, it’s also a great way to introduce them to must-have products and entice them to buy more.

13. Implement tiered pricing

When you go to a restaurant, there is a good chance that you will always choose one of the mid-priced dishes. This is because many restaurants manipulate psychology to push people towards meals in this range.

We will often avoid the cheapest dishes, and the most expensive ones, making the mid-tier options the most appealing.

By including a third “decoy” option in your pricing structure, you can push people toward the middle option, the one you really want them to buy.

14. Increase online sales with mobile optimization

The number of online businesses with poorly designed and poorly optimized “mobile” sites is staggering.

Mobile search has already eclipsed desktop search. If you do not want to keep losing customers in the future, it is vital that your site is optimized for mobile devices, and not only from a technical perspective, but also visually and aesthetically.

15. Generate a clear and evident value proposition

Your value proposition should be at the center of all of your marketing communications and the content offered on your site.

Think that each point of contact with your client can become an opportunity to advance to close a sale.


These strategies serve to optimize each of the actions that we carry out every day to improve the sales of our business.

Applying them together can have a significant impact on your conversion rate, while generating a much more satisfactory experience for users, which will ultimately boost the profitability and reputation of your brand.


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